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Sunday, January 17, 2010


It's Sunday and that means another edition of Spread The Love Sunday! This is a weekly event here on My Overstuffed Bookshelf where I give back to my readers who have been great friends, followers, inspiration and all around great people! A place to showcase YOU!

If you would like to be featured on Spread the Love Sunday, just drop me an email and I will be happy to feature you!

This week we have Brande from Book Junkie!

Name or screen name: Book Junkie (Brande)
Blog: Book Junkie (http://myfoolishwisdom.blogspot.com
1. Tell us a little about your blog.

My blog is basically reviews; I run my own contests as well as run Book Junkie II with contests around the blogosphere. I have branched out with Author Interviews, guest authors who also run contests on my blog. More or less just a rambling of my thoughts on the latest book I just finished. 
2. Why did you start your blog and what is your favorite thing about having a blog?

It was about a year ago that I started my blog, at first I just felt like I wanted to put my own thoughts and reviews down online. I didn’t know if anyone would follow and honestly not sure I cared because I was and still have this feeling deep down and no one wants to hear what I have to say, that no one will read it anyway so what the heck. Then I started skimming around and saw all the contests, well I was over the moon excited, free books! Get outta here! I was all over it, and the people I meet were so helpful and amazing I couldn’t be happier that I took that first step.
 I would have to say my favorite thing is the interaction, authors, other bloggers, can’t beat it anywhere. You put a call out for help with someone and 10 people write you back instantly. Everyone is so kind and I love how everyone is just so excited about books! It’s my happy place.

3. A few faves:
Author- Keta Diablo, Shiela Stewart, Shelli Stevens
Book- Land of the Falling Starts by Keta Diablo and Highland Dragon my Kimberley Killion, Colter’s Woman by Maya Banks
Genre- Erotic Romance ties with my new love of Historicals
Color- black
Place to purchase books- booksonboard.com or Borders
4. If you could be any character from any book, who would you be and why?

Wow, that is a toughie, I would have to say Holly Bardwell from Colter’s Woman, if you know anything about this book you know why! OR Marissa, Butch’s mate from J.R Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood book 4 Lover Revealed, strong in her own right, a vampire and has the love of my favorite cop turned vamp Butch! Just delicious!
5. What book are you currently reading?

I am reading 2 actually, The Sin Eater’s Prince by Keta Diablo and also Wicked Proposal by Tierney O'Malley
6. Name a few of your favorite blogs.

Hum, I don’t know if I could name one, I have to many that are on my top. But I will tell you some new one’s I found that I really like :
Cherry Mischievous
Cari Quinn, Girl Writer
Library Lounge Lizard
Lust In Time
Naughty Author Chicks

7. Any advice for new bloggers?

Hang in there, I remember every moment when I saw, OMG, I have 3 followers, OMG I have 9 followers. Your followers will come don’t fret, just keep up your great reviews and they will come, run a few contests, even one book small ones, write authors and start your communication with them, even if it is just to tell them how much you love their book. Don’t get carried away, it can be overwhelming at times, but have fun because books is what we all love, no matter the genre we all share the passion and the are so many wonderful bloggers out there who will help you when you need it.

Thanks for joinging us Brande! Be sure to check out her blog!



Blogger Blanche said...

Hi Brande and Amy! Great post.......Brande has an amazing blog and I love stopping by each day to see what she has going on!! :)

January 17, 2010 at 9:30 AM  
Blogger Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) said...

Hi Brande! I'll be checking out your blog!

January 17, 2010 at 9:57 AM  

Hi Brande and Amy, I agree I love Butch and Marissa! Cant wait for Lover Mine!

January 17, 2010 at 10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Amy!

Thanks for having me, it was fun!!!!

Thanks Ladies!


January 17, 2010 at 11:29 AM  
Blogger Tierney O'Malley said...

Ahhhh! *biting nails* Hope you'll like Wicked Proposal.


January 17, 2010 at 9:44 PM  

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